Yvette plays with the tension that occurs when control is disrupted within intimate spaces. She is interested in moments of change, exploring notions of inclusivity versus alienation. Taking inspiration from the human condition, Yvette uses paint to create somewhere and something else within this age of anxiety.

Yvette Blackwood is originally from Brighton. She has lived and worked in London since 2002. She is a self-taught painter but is currently receiving mentoring via the Turps Art School Offsite Programme. She has also worked collaboratively under the names Stan's LIFT and Transition Collective

e: yvetteblackwood@ymail.com

insta: @yvetteblackwood

12 Art Hub Studios

5-9 Creekside

London SE8 4SA

© 2018 by Yvette Blackwood - contemporary art | abstract painting | London artist

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